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Pflege - Take Care
Take care! How? We’ll show you here. Cashmere Pflege


Every piece of clothing has its own characteristics and needs individual care. We’ll teach you how to take care of your HERZEN’S pieces so that you can enjoy them for a long time.


Our cashmere garments are valuable, luxurious, durable and a perfect investment.

This luxury material not only keeps you warms in winter but its natural properties also make it ideal to balance out warmer temperatures on hot days. The fine, soft and downy winter undercoat of the cashmere goat lets the garment breathe and always ensures a pleasant temperature balance on the skin.


  1. Wash cashmere as rarely as possible. Instead of washing the pieces too often, it is recommended to air the cashmere fabric instead. Give your cashmere pieces a break of at least 24 hours before wearing them again.
  2. Cashmere does not have to be dry-cleaned but should be washed in a laundry bag in the washing machine on a wool cycle. Use cashmere shampoo sparingly.
  3. After washing, cashmere pieces should be dried by laying them out or by placing them in a dryer on the lowest heat settings.
  4. Pilling or small nodules are typical of cashmere and not a sign of a lack of quality. Never pull them off; instead, carefully remove them with a cashmere comb or pilling razor.


HERZEN’S ANGELEGENHEIT’s silk pieces impress with their glamorous sheen, a feeling of weightlessness and a pleasant temperature balance on the skin. With the right care, a HERZEN’S classic silk-made piece can accompany you for a lifetime.


  1. We recommend washing silk by hand or in the washing machine on the silk cycle.
  2. Using a special silk shampoo will ensure that your silk garment lasts longer.
  3. To help the freshly washed garment keep it shape, lay it out to dry wrapped in a towel.
  4. Wet silk must never be rubbed, wrung or balled up.


We love merino! Why? Because, thanks to its fine structure, this noble material is lighter than other types of wool but still keeps you warm.Merino fibres not only insulate well against the cold but also have a pleasant cooling effect on the skin in warm temperatures. The material is also very resistant making it a real all-rounder for us.


  1. Wonderful merino wool contains antibacterial and odour-inhibiting properties and does not have to be washed after each use. Just like Cashmere, it is also advisable to air out merino wool garments after wearing them.
  2. Wash our merino pieces in the washing machine at 30°C and ensure that the spin cycle is on low.
  3. To retain the merino’s fine structure and special breathability, use only a wool detergent.
  4. After washing, gently shape the merino garments and hang them up. Avoid drying merino in the dryer.
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